Meet Emmalou

Emmalou is our Family Mentor. She offers unique programs that help you understand the obstacles that prevents you from spending more quality time with your family. She will get you to free up more time and create a roadmap to a happy family lifestyle.

Make Emmalou Your Personal Family Mentor & Coach

As a Wise Family Group member, Emmalou will coach and mentor you into:

  • Gaining control over your time
  • Creating space in your calendar to be a human again
  • Traveling without constraint
  • Making time for creativity, hobbies, and passion projects
  • Experience the joy and peace that comes with living the life you desire
  • Free Webinars with Emmalou
  • Free Group Membership to make and chat with friends of similar needs and experiences
  • Podcast episodes on topics to help in mentoring
  • Speak with an experienced Happy Family Coach and mentor who understands your needs
  • Meet with your coach using your smartphone, tablet, and PC