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Why Wise Family Group

As parents, we have been confronted with the fear of not having enough money and time to help our daughter who was hospitalized with Lupus. We see young families struggling to create time with their children while working to support the family financially and desperately fighting for a comfortable work-life balance.

So we have created WISE FAMILY GROUP

Lorry Burford &

Joye Burford 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young families enjoy a happy family lifestyle: quality time with their children, enough wealth to support early retirement and a clean and healthy home environment.

Our Objective

Our secondary focus is our major objective; to help eradicate all threats of Lupus, a disease currently without cure that occurs when someone’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.

Reaching Our Objective

We will facilitate FREE webinars and group interactions with doctors and other experts to help those suffering from Lupus or are interested in the disease. We also plan to support research leading to a cure for Lupus by making monthly financial donations to a Lupus research foundation.


We need to help young families gain and maintain the lifestyle they need. We will provide:

  • Financial education, leading to wealth building and management
  • Family mentoring, leading to tight family ties, as well as happy and successful children
  • Products that clean the air in their home environment, leading to a healthy and germ-free environment
  • Support the autoimmune disease lupus

So, if they could return 100 years from now, they'd be delighted to see a more equitable world, a more diverse one where less people suffer from lack of finance, health care, education and food. Where children are not threatened by violence at schools and other public places.


Young Parents Desire To:

  • Be involved in their children’s lives from morning to bedtime. 
  • Be able to do so when they wish with the resources to successfully retire.
  • Have a healthy environment
  • Be financially self-sufficient

Young Parents' Fears:

  • Child abduction
  • School shooting
  • Academic competition
  • Sports competition
  • Illnesses such as Lupus

Young Parents' Challenges:

  • Over scheduling
  • Hectic work activities
  • Lack of funds
  • Time scarcity
  • Proper child-care


Gives a Solid Foundation Through

Weekly Webinars

Addressing Issues Such As:

  • The difference between Discipline & Punishment
  • Becoming Money Smart & Debt Free
  • Tax compliance as a wealth building tool
  • Retiring early with million-dollar baby
  • How to live with Lupus
  • Resources to help you live with Lupus

Conversational Forum

In our Forums, you are able to post topics for discussion, seek assistance, get support, contribute ideas or
give your opinion about matters others have posted. You are able to ask questions and see everyone’s
responses in a clear, chronological order.

Private Online & Facebook Groups

Our private online and Facebook groups are designed for you to interact with experts and others with your concerns, to ask meaningful questions and engage in conversations beyond the typical, thus getting solutions to issues important to you.

Educational & Instructive Podcast

Listen to topics of interest to you in our podcast episodes designed to fulfil your request. Some episodes focusing on Lupus, interviews with experts ready to answer your questions and offer reports on research and progress to eradicate or totally control the disease. You can also learn about trends or get statistics within the finance, family mentoring, tax compliance and germ-free environments.

Informative Blogs

Read about issues of concern to you in many blogs on investment, wealth building, family mentoring and healthy living. Professionals can learn about trends or get statistics within the finance, family mentoring, tax compliance and germ-free environments.

Exclusively FOR YOU

Some of the finest mentors, coaches & advisors

Emmalou Penrod: Family Mentor & Coach

One of the most calming family mentors who helps remove obstacles that prevents a happy family lifestyle.

Emmalou mentors in fee-based group sessions, guiding you through solutions of family matters of deep personal concern. Young professionals and entrepreneurs, swamped with a busy work schedule and simply cannot find quality time to enjoy their children, find these sessions quite rewarding. She also accepts limited enrollment for private one-on-one mentoring and coaching.

Curtis Banks: Educator & Wealth Mentor

A premier educator in money management, investment & wealth building.

Curtis is your financial mentor and personal coach. In his fee-based group sessions you are educated about money: what it really is, as well as how to grow and manage it. He mentors you on optimizing your cash flow, planning for retirement, reducing debt, and protecting your finances. Curtis offers Private 1-on-1 Personal Finance coaching which includes bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions with him.

Leary Mullings:Tax & Estate Planning Mentor

An expert at tax compliance & estate planning with real, actionable strategies for wealth building

Leary is your direct contact with the IRS, preventing and assisting you with all IRS concerns. He is your tax compliance and estate planning mentor and coach. Leary helps in fee-based group sessions, provides customized techniques to help you manage your tax liability and offers estate building to secure your wealth. When speaking with Leary about mentoring, you’ll notice a small sparkle in his eyes generated from memories of delightful lessons gathered from his own mentees.

Mianna Marsh & Raza Begg: Retirement Experts & Mentors

Experienced TFRA Prosperity Project experts dedicated to your early retirement

Retirement educators and mentors with resources to ensure early retirement. Coaching on options that guarantee the protection of your principal investment for retirement, providing insights on non-risk opportunities to help you build confidence in growing your wealth to meet your early retirement goals.


Our Mentors & Advisors help you live your desired lifestyle through:

Free webinars once per week on their respective expertise

Meetings with you in online forums, private groups and podcast to answer your questions

Fee based group mentoring and coaching in their respective expertise

Private one-on-one mentoring and coaching as needed


Ensures a Healthy Environment

Vollara is a company that provides health and eco-friendly technologies. The Company offers water optimization and air
purification products, as well as nutraceuticals including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Vollara FreshAir Mobile: Small Space Air Contaminant Remover

One of today’s smallest, most effective air cleaner that removes odors and freshens the air in your immediate surroundings.

FreshAir Mobile uses patented ActivePure; an advanced surface and air purification technology to reduce contaminants from your immediate surroundings. It is Ideal for travel, work stations, small offices, and vehicles.

Vollara Air & Surface Pro: Large Space Air Contaminant Remover

This portable light weight device reduces smoke, allergens, odors, dirt and dust from your indoor space.

The Vollara® Air & Surface Pro has been proven to reduce over 99.9% of many common airborne and surface contaminants. It combines multiple technologies, including HEPA, activated carbon, and ActivePure®. ActivePure Technology safely eliminates nearly 100% of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus + volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


For monitoring, measuring, and analyzing your progress towards your time and wealth goals.

Your personal dashboard is unique to you; therefore, you should not share your password with anyone. It is used to track three metrics linked to your personal life and make it easy to manage your time, wealth and budget.
This is where you are able to set short- and long-term goals and see if you've stopped making progress, if you are behind or moving forward. Therefore, you are able to create new strategies to keep on track.

What Real People Are Saying About Us

Hi, I am Mike Kiselak former Dallas Cowboy. I have known Raza for quite sometime now and we have had a lot of good times but let me tell you something about him, his heart is totally in it for the individual. He really tries to help you; he really tries to motivate you and give you all the tools you possibly can get in order to succeed in the things you are doing. He brings a lot of enthusiasm into all that he does. I hope you give him the chance you what he can do for you.

Michael Kiselak


Hi, I am Stacey and this is my son Madden. Let me tell you, these guys at Wise Family Group are really very serious about helping young families live the life they desire. It's not easy in these changing times but they have the hang of it. For example, their weekly webinars are super informative , especially with regards to family issues, money management, tax compliance and early retirement. They are exactly what young families need today.

Stacey & Madden Hightower

Jacksonville, Florida

When my uncle called and excitedly told me about WFG’s plans to help young families live a happy and fulfilled life, I thought it was a good idea but did not see the practical side. Then we saw the website and were thrilled. Since then WFG has partnered with real experts who are great at mentoring to increase quality family time; giving excellent problem-solving insights on dealing with children, as well as coaching on investing and building wealth for early retirement and the future.

Camille Cole

Tampa, Florida

Emmalou has been teaching me new ways and options to be a better and more effective parent in communicating with my kids. I appreciate the action steps she is giving me weekly to empower me to meet each of my children's individual needs. I'm grateful for all the help I can get to be a better mom and I definitely recommend this to every parent! Thanks so much!

Heidi Hills


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