The WFG Family

Because We Care

We care about your financial future. We care that you understand personal finance; how to budget, manage your debt, invest and build wealth. We care because the widening gap between the rich and poor must STOP NOW! You must learn and understand how wealth works and be given the opportunity to be financially secure for retirement or build wealth to the level your ambition.

Because We Value You

We value you because you are the future. Because you are the upcoming world leaders and collectively you must use your wealth to create a better world but you must learn about and be comfortable with your personal finance, about growing and managing your own wealth. We value you because you are the new face of technology, education, societal growth and the health of America.

Because We Are Passionate About Your Success

We know that as the Baby boomer generation retire you will be filling their places in this world. We know you will be taking over their responsibilities and we take this challenge very seriously. So, we gathered topnotch leadership and management teams with decades of experience in the finance and investment industry. We are serious about ensuring your success.

Because We Are For Change

We are for change because more people across the economic spectrum deserve to live secure and rewarding lives. Because we need a more equitable and diverse America. Because we believe everyone should be given the chance to live to their highest potential and wealth is one of the tools that will make that possible.

Because We We Support You With Fair Fees

You have decades to save for retirement, but also decades of exposure to avoidable investment fees. According to NerdWallet paying just 1% in fees could cost you more than $590,000 in sacrificed returns over 40 years of saving. Therefore, we charge you a fair fee. Not only do we charge a fair fee but provide crystal-clear transparency on how much you’ll pay and why. We will never nickel-and-dime you for every service we provide.