Help Your Family Go from Stressful to Stress-free

Wise Family Group is your home to build a happy stress-free family; gain control of your time, build wealth and access many excellent resources that lead to a happy family lifestyle.

Help Your Family Go from Stress-full to Stress-free


Why Wise Family Group

As parents, we have been confronted with the fear of not having enough money and time to help our daughter who was hospitalized with Lupus. We see young families struggling to create time with their children while working to support the family financially and desperately fighting for a comfortable work-life balance.

So we have created WISE FAMILY GROUP

Our Mission

Our mission is to help young families enjoy a happy family lifestyle: quality time with their children, enough wealth to support early retirement and a clean and healthy home environment.

Our Objective

The objective is to help young families gain the quality life they seek: a better work-life balance, better learning and development opportunities, improved mental health and wellness support,
and a greater commitment from businesses to make a positive societal impact. [Source: Computerworld]

Secondary Objective

Our secondary focus is our major objective; to help eradicate all threats of Lupus, a disease currently without cure that occurs when someone’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs.

Reaching Our Objective

We will facilitate FREE webinars and group interactions with doctors and other experts to help those suffering from Lupus or are interested in the disease. We also plan to support research leading to a cure for Lupus by making monthly financial donations to a Lupus research foundation. Learn more about Lupus

New For 2023

Wise family group is dedicated to helping young families achieve and live a happy family lifestyle.

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It’s Time to join thousands others who are enjoying a happy family lifestyle:

Meet Curtis Banks

Financial Mentor and Wealth Builder, Curtis Banks’, unique programs, and systems to get you out of debt, build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Meet Emmalou Penrod

Family Coach, Emmalou Penrod’s, methods to mentor you into removing the obstacles that prevent you from spending more quality time with your family.

Meet Leary Mullings

Tax and Estate Planning Mentor, Leary Mullings provides customize techniques to help you manage your tax liability, understand estate building to improve your net worth.

Meet Raza Begg

TFRA Prosperity Project, Raza is your retirement educator and mentor. For over 15 years he's been sharing his knowledge and expertise with thousands of young families.


Membership is a low-cost way to take advantage of the many “Time-tested and Exclusive Happy Family Lifestyle Features”.

Among other special benefits, membership includes:

Private webinars to get you out of debt and teach you how to build a foundation for wealth

Friendly coaching to help you understand a happy family lifestyle while creating more quality time to spend with your family

Free membership in any of our Private Online and Facebook communities

Opportunity to be a host or guest on our weekly podcast (based on your expertise)

Your Personal Dashboard that monitors your progress towards a happy family lifestyle

Latest Blogs


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I am a graduate student and my wife and I want to start a family of three in the near future and we hope we have enough time and money in order to spend time with our kids before they leave the house. We feel that WFG seem to be a group that will be good to help us do that and we are looking forward to the launch.

Brandon and Melissa Goldson

White Plains, New York

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These guys at WFG are serious about helping young people become the next generation of healthy, wealthy and happy families. Their Facebook Communities, Online Forums, Podcast and Financial Planners are intended to engage us in the overall activities of the business. Thanks to WFG for helping us plan our future and the future of others like us. We Look forward to the business coming alive! Thanks, WFG.

Stacey and Madden Hightower

Hightower Jacksonville, Florida

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My husband and I are very skeptical about investing, especially in crypto currencies. Between our two young children and jobs we have no time. We saw WFG hashtag on Instagram and decided to follow them. They are an interesting group so we made contact for more info about time-freedom. They convinced us that although control over our time is very important to our family’s well-being, having a financial advisor or trainer to help manage our finances is also very important; we agree! Honestly, we can’t wait for them to start.

LaMaye, Yannique, Shane & Zendae Ford

Coral Springs, Florida

So, this is your home. It’s where you achieve the impossible: create more quality time; build and manage wealth to make time freedom possible; plan your early retirement and start your estate planning to leave a legacy for those you love. Achieve all this and more with our family help organization. 

You will be delighted with your personal happy family dashboard where you drive and control your future. A click of a button to search for companies that help my family have fun and you are with individuals discussing how to gain valuable family time; making your days more productive and less burdensome.

Join Us, Start Living

Have the time and freedom to spend more time with family or pursue a passion project.