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Meet Curtis Banks

Curtis is your Financial Educator & Wealth Mentor. He offers unique programs & systems to get you out of debt, build wealth and achieve financial freedom.


Money Smart Pivot

Get real, actionable financial strategies for entrepreneurs that want to build wealth.

You deserve freedom from money worries and stressors in life. Let's talk about what we can do together! Contact us today for more information on our services and pricing packages.


Money Smart Pivot is a financial education, implementation and private mentoring service for entrepreneurs. We help people clear mental barriers to success or funding obstacles that get in the way of their goals. Your mentor Curtis can teach you how to start a profitable side hustle, so your fulltime gig doesn't feel like work at all! And those who want a little more support have access to 1-on-1 sessions where they'll receive personalized guidance from an expert wealth mentor.

  • Speak with an experienced financial educator and mentor who understands your needs
  • Access classes and sessions from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Use Curtis' Money Smart Tools designed to help you build wealth
  • 1-on-1 sessions with a mentor in entrepreneurship

Money Smart Transformation

Money Smart Transformation is a financial education program for professionals who want to learn how to build wealth. Curtis offers financial mentoring as well as classes that transform individuals' attitudes about money and the importance of saving it.


Wealth mentor Curtis says, "I've never left anyone behind." His warm approach can help you get ahead in your career while helping you create peace of mind and greater focus on what's important to you: health, relationships, travel - any mutual goal that will give meaning to your life. This personalized coaching takes into account individual goals and needs so there are no surprises or regrets when it comes time for retirement.

You deserve more than just a paycheck from work; Curtis believes everyone deserves an opportunity for success in their lives. Curtis is here for people who are ready and willing to make changes so they can live the life they envision for themselves. His team has been working with professionals since 2018 and have helped many people achieve their dreams by teaching them skills like Money Smart Allocation, investing, retirement planning, and credit repair to name a few. Curtis will be there every step of the way!

Make Curtis Your Personal wealth Freedom Coach

  • Create your roadmap
  • Learn the wealth pattern
  • Learn the wealth building system
  • Prepare yourself for success, and
  • Experience the joy and peace that comes with it
  • Meet with your coach using your smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Free Webinars with Curtis
  • Free Group Membership to make and chat with friends of similar needs and experiences
  • Podcast episodes on topics to help in mentoring
  • Speak with an experienced Money Smart Coach and mentor who understands your needs

Other Services You’ll Receive

FREE Live Webinars with Q & A
On Thursdays our mentors will chat with you about family stability, money and wealth, taxes and estate planning, and early retirement.

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Private WFG Group Interaction
Join, mingle and chat in one or more private groups. Meet individuals with similar interest as yours.

Private Facebook Group
Meet individuals in a secure and friendly Facebook environment. Make friends, exchange emails and phone numbers.

Group & Private mentoring Sessions
Speak with Curtis, our experienced happy family mentor who understands your family needs, especially as it relates to your children.

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FREE Podcast
Enjoy episodes of interest to you in building a happy family lifestyle. Join us as a guest or host depending on your expertise.

Flexibility Technology
Meet with your mentor and access all services using your PC, Smart phone, tablet or PC.

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Pricing Plans

Money Smart Transformation

$997 enrollment fee. $139/month to continue.


/one time fee

What you'll get

  • Fresh Start Call
  • Unlimited Access to Money Smart Intensive Live Classes
  • Unlimited Access to Money Smart Implementation Bootcamp
  • Unlimited Access to Money Smart Monthly Mentor Forum
  • Unlimited Access to Money Smart Tools for Building Wealth