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Happy Family Coaching

Happy Families Coaching

Happy Families Coaching is a program for families who want to learn how to develop and maintain a loving and peaceful home for their children. It’s preventing regular work schedule from taking precedence over quality family time and provides solutions that simplifies daily living unbelievably.

Busy schedules, a global pandemic, critical housing shortage, huge outstanding school loans and just simply finding time to enjoy your children, are among the many challenges that as a young professional you face in today’s environment. These all add up to a very stressful and anxious life even when there is enough money to pay the bills.

Young Family’s Needs Today

Young families are no longer accepting the standard life where they work 9 to 5 or longer, fifty or more weeks per year with barely two weeks off to enjoy their families on a vacation or some other activities. They want more control over their lives to live each day as close to their preference as they can.

They want to spend time with their children especially when they are needed such as when a child is sick or needs attention at school or to provide some educational support. Young families want to offer their children the best of care, whether they need to spend days at childcare facilities or at home.

They do not want to live under the stress of worrying when the bills pile up nor when their children need a break from a stressful day to day activity.

It takes time, training, mentoring and money to get a family where they are in control of their time and daily activities to be, at least satisfied with their lives in today’s environment. Within Wise Family Group, Emmalou Penrod is anxious to help each family meet their happy family lifestyle by coaching and guiding then through a program tailored for each individual family.


Coaching Services You’ll Receive

Free Webinars with Emmalou

Free Group Membership to make and chat with friends of similar needs and experiences

Podcast episodes on topics to help in mentoring

Speak with an experienced Happy Family Coach and mentor who understands your needs

Meet with your coach using your smartphone, tablet, and PC

Pricing Plans

Happy Families Coaching Program

This is the enrollment fee for the Happy Families Coaching Program.


one time fee

What's included

  • Family Assessment
  • Reviewing results, analysis and interpretation
  • Individual meeting with parents, recommendations
  • Goal Setting session